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Taking a Class at SHOOT-N-IRON

Learn how to take control of any dangerous situation at SHOOT-N-IRON. At our academy, we provide comprehensive firearms training in the use of small arms for personal self-defense, security, and protection. We also teach one-of-a-kind assault response training classes, in which you'll learn unarmed defensive hand-to-hand response techniques, alternative weapon techniques, and extreme close-quarters handgun tactics. Please keep in mind that you must fill out the forms below in order to register for classes.

Training Course

Small Classes

By design, we keep our classes small and include one-on-one instruction — class sizes are limited to no more than fifteen people. Our students are treated as individuals, not just another number. Students form lasting friendships during each class, and most people reschedule for further, more advanced courses.

Those wishing to enroll in competitive courses may train in bullseye, PPC, modern, and cowboy IPSC styles of handgun competition. Students can also learn on small- and large-bore rifle. Skeet, trap, and field shooting is available for shotgunners.

Shotgun Course Aiming a Handgun Men & Target Exiting a Vehicle With a Weapon

High-Quality Courses

Train at some of the nation's best shooting ranges. SHOOT-N-IRON has several handgun, rifle, and shotgun ranges utilizing stationary, reactionary, and moving-target systems. Our classroom and range teaching methods for both defensive and competitive courses are unsurpassed.

World-Class Instructors

SHOOT-N-IRON's president and chief instructor, Paul Abel, is one of the most highly respected and knowledgeable small arms, tactical, defensive, and competitive shooting instructors in the world. With more than 60 years of experience, Paul has been a working police officer, a sheriff, and a certified police combat instructor for both the State of Oklahoma and the NRA. He holds a USPSA/IPSC rating and several NRA Master Ratings in various competitions. He is now retired from active competition.

During his career in law enforcement, Paul was involved in numerous shooting encounters. He knows how to survive in dangerous situations and will pass this knowledge on to you. SHOOT-N-IRON's instructional staff does not teach from someone's book; they teach from real-life personal experience. They have been there!


In our experience, many students underestimate their own shooting skills, and a few overestimate their abilities. After all, nothing is more boring than spending a week being taught things you already know. On the other hand, being placed in a class where goals are beyond your reach can be equally exasperating. Upon arrival at SHOOT-N-IRON, each student fires a short course designed to show our staff their level of expertise, and we proceed from that point. Students like this policy and benefit from it greatly.

Class Schedule

SHOOT-N-IRON does not issue a regular class schedule. It is easier for us to meet your schedule than for you to meet ours. Our classes are conducted weekly during each month of the year and may be scheduled at almost any time. Spaces for three possible dates that you wish to attend are found at the top portion of our application form. Select three possible dates, and we will attempt to place you in a class during that timeframe. Courses run concurrently but separately, and you may enroll in only one at a time (unless otherwise indicated in the course catalog).

Five-day classes start on Monday and end on Friday. Some SI 100 and mobile classes may be scheduled on weekends by special request. Class space is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.


A deposit of 25% of the course tuition is due with your application, and the balance is due upon your arrival at SHOOT-N-IRON. If for some reason your application is not accepted, your deposit will be returned. If you cancel after receiving notice of confirmation, your deposit is not refundable; however, at your request, it will be held and applied toward a future class.

Class space will be reserved for you once your application and deposit are received and accepted. We will mail you a letter confirming your reservation.

Tuition Schedule

Weekday Group Classes (Per Person)

  • 5-Day Class - $950
  • 3-Day Class - $700
  • 2-Day Class - $350
  • 1-Day Class - $190

Weekday Private Individual Classes

  • 5-Day Class - $1,000
  • 3-Day Class - $700
  • 2-Day Class - $450
  • 1-Day Class - $250

Assault Response Training (ART)* (per person)

  • 2-Day Class - $350

*SI 600 16-Hour Weekend Class (Saturday & Sunday)


There are several nice motels in Shawnee, and SHOOT-N-IRON will make reservations for you upon your request. There is commercial air service located in Oklahoma City, or you may fly to Shawnee's municipal airport, which can handle private jet traffic. We can also furnish your transportation to and from the airports and from the motel to the range if requested. Vehicle rental service is available at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.


Our president and chief instructor, Paul Abel, is passionate about firearms education. He has written a series of articles that teach readers about such topics as handgun caliber, practical self-defense, law enforcement issues, and gun ownership as a hobby. You'll find these articles interesting, relevant, and highly practical.