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Handgun Course Catalog

Handgun Course Participant Shooting On a Handgun Course Aiming a Handgun During Training Fallen Target Handgun Trainee

SI 100 - Introduction to Handgun Shooting

This class is designed for the beginning or new shooter who is not familiar with handguns, or for those planning to purchase or acquire their first handgun. Lectures and range training include:

  • Safety
  • Types of Defensive & Competitive Handguns
  • Gun Handling
  • Ammunition Selection & Calibers
  • Basic Shooting Techniques
  • Weapons Cleaning & Storage
  • Handgun Carry Methods

Course Duration:
2 Days


  • Reliable Handgun
  • 150 Rounds of Ammunition for the First Day & 250 Rounds of Ammunition for the Second Day (A Total of 400 Rounds)
  • Eye & Ear Protection

SI 150 - Basic Defensive and Competitive Handgun

This basic course is designed for students desiring to learn personal self-defense or competitive shooting. It serves both the novice and experienced shooter wishing to enhance or update his or her skills. Prior shooting experience is not required. This course exposes students to:

  • Basic Defensive or Competitive Techniques
  • Basics of Modern Pistol Craft
  • Mental Conditioning

Course Duration:
1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Days

SI 200 - Intermediate Handgun

Intermediate handgun courses are designed for the natural progression of student skills, both defensive and competitive. Each phase of this course enhances abilities and skills. Reactionary and moving targets will be utilized. Students completing this level of training can handle most lethal encounters without problem. The intermediate course stresses:

  • Crisis Management & Mental Preparedness
  • Defensive & Competitive Exercises
  • Close-Quarter Speed & Accuracy
  • Tactical & Speed Reloading
  • Strong & Weak Hand Weapon Operation & Loading
  • Tactics
  • Long-Range Accuracy
  • Cover & Concealment
  • Eye Dominance Problems
  • Staying Alive in Dangerous Situations
  • Criminal & Civil Liabilities

Course Duration:
1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Days

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SI 250 - Advanced Handgun

This course is for students with previous training and shooting experience. Graduates of this level of training take pride in their accomplishments and are able to handle hostile situations with confidence. The training is intense, and civilians from all walks of life, law enforcement officers, and military personnel are taken to the highest point of readiness. We push each student to his or her limit. Advanced training includes:

  • Advanced Tactics (Pushed to the Limit)
  • Previously Acquired Skills Enhanced & Expanded
  • Mental Attitude
  • Five Days & One Night of the Most Intensive Handgun Training Offered Anywhere in the World
  • Scenarios Depicting Day & Night Real-Life Encounters

Course Duration:
1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Days

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SI 700 - Oklahoma Concealed Carry Class

SHOOT-N-IRON offers a one-day class fulfilling the training requirements for an Oklahoma concealed carry license. Call us for more details and enrollment information.

Course Duration:
One Day

Call us for information on what equipment is required.

$60.00 (State-Mandated Class Fee)